Why Should You Conduct a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

Get your mark searched to eliminate any doubts or conflicts.


Avoid getting sued

Protect yourself from lawsuits by making sure you don’t end up infringing someone else’s trademark unintentionally.


Remove your doubts

Our search unveils potentially conflicting trademarks at a federal or global level so you can feel confident about your mark.


Save time and money

Before you invest into your business, see if anyone else has registered a trademark that’s similar to yours.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t just conduct a direct hit search because that’s not enough. We also search for alternative spellings, intentional misspellings, typos, and more using AI tools.

Our trademark search experts use different AI tools to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your time and money on a name that’s already taken or just isn’t unique enough to be trademarked.

  • AI-powered search tools
  • Federal, common law, and global search options
  • Easy-to-read trademark search report

Why Is Trademark Search Important?

Protect your intellectual property with a fast and hassle-free process.


Tell us about your mark

Fill a brief questionnaire and provide details about your trademark.


We conduct the search

Our trademark search experts run a comprehensive search for you.


Get results via email

You receive error-free search report that is easy to understand.

Choose a Trademark Search Package

Get your mark searched to eliminate any doubts or conflicts.

Most Popular

Federal & State Search


What you get:
  • Search of pending, active, and inactive federal trademarks to uncover potential conflicts
  • Search trademarks in related classes of goods and services
  • Search results ranked using statistical analysis
  • Easy-to-read search report
  • 24/7 Customer support

Federal, State &
Common Law


Everything from Federal Search, plus:
  • Corporate name search in all 50 states
  • Search of state registered trademarks
  • Search of common law trademarks
  • Internet domain names & socail media

Global Search


Everything from Federal, State, & Common Law Search, plus:
  • Search of pending applications (where available), and registered international trademarks including:
  • Canada, The United Kingdom, European countries
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Ready to Register Your Trademark?

94% chance of successfully registering a trademark with our premium package

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between a basic and a comprehensive search?

    The basic search is where we try to look for exact matches (or direct hits as we like to call them) in the federal database to see if someone else has already registered the same mark. However, in the comprehensive search, we do a thorough examination of all those marks that are exact or similar to your mark including the ones that are not registered.

  • Is a search of federal and state trademark databases enough to uncover a possible conflict?

  • How do I know whether my anticipated trademark is available?

  • What is required for a comprehensive trademark search?

  • What is a preliminary trademark search?

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starting at $49 only

Protect your rights to a name, logo, or slogan that identifies your business.


starting at $49 only

Protect your rights to a name, logo, or slogan that identifies your business.